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Looking for a skilled and passionate food photographer? At Snaps By G, we're your go-to destination for all things food photography.

Whether you own a vibrant cafe, a bustling restaurant, or have a food product you need styled, our lens is ready to capture the essence of your delicious creations.

Why choose me as your food photographer?

As the premier food photographer in Christchurch and as a big foodie myself, I believe that every dish has a story to tell. I specialise in the art of food photography, infusing creativity into every shot I take. From sumptuous dishes and delectable desserts to artisanal cocktails, I have an eye for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Food Photography Services

Cafe Photography

If you own a quaint café, our cafe photography will convey the warmth and aroma of your coffee, pastries, and the bustling conversations that fill your space.

From $500

Restaurant Photography

Let our restaurant photography make your menu come to life. Captivate potential diners with mouthwatering imagery of your stunning creations.

From $500

Stylised Food Photography

Send your product to us and we'll do the rest. Our stylised food photography will capture the essence of your product with beautifully curated images.

From $500

What Sets Us Apart?

  • A Taste for Creativity: At Snaps By G, we don't just take photographs; we curate visual experiences. Our creative approach ensures that your dishes look truly Instagram-worthy.
  • Local Expertise: As proud residents of Christchurch, we have a deep understanding of the local food scene. With our extensive knowledge of the area, we know how to capture the heart and soul of your establishment.
  • Trusted by Top Brands: Our impressive portfolio includes collaborations with some incredible brands across the country. Join the ranks of esteemed clients who vouch for our expertise and professionalism.

What my clients say

Barkers Fruit Processors

“I highly recommend Gina to any business looking to produce beautiful, high-quality images.

We have worked with her across two different product imagery briefs, and she delivered amazing shoots for both - showcasing her attention to detail, elegant style and brought our briefs to life.
Gina is a delight to work with, being friendly, professional, and very easy to communicate with.

She has great talent and will be a great asset for any business wanting timeless photos.”

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